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The Wish Prayer (Edited Version)
  by Father Choi
  edited by Father Eric Albertson
Editor’s Note
  Throughout the text I have worked to accurately represent the author.  However, as with any text not originally written in English, I have had to make some modifications in order to accurately convey the message and produce a text more easily read by a native English speaker. These changes are fairly minimal and relatively conservative, and I have made every effort to reflect the author’s intent and original text as much as possible.
  However, before we begin, it is very important to note that the word “wish”, in reference to the Wish Prayer and its usage in this book, should be viewed spiritually, in the context of “Christian hope” and/or “prayerful desire”.  For example, from a Christian perspective, the phrase: “I wish you well”, is normally interpreted as “I hope and pray that good things happen to you”.  Sometimes the word is even used in prayer, as in “I wish that God would help me” or “I wish that God would bless my friend who needs a job”.  Here it has the same meaning as: I “hope or desire or pray” that God will help me or some other person.  
  A popular trend today, especially in the west, is to use this word solely in the realm of the secular, as a type of magic or casting of a spell, essentially calling on a medium external to Christianity and God, believing that if you simply wish for something long and hard enough, then your wish will come true.  It may also be used innocently, as when wishing upon a star or making a wish when we blow out the candles on our birthday cake.  Wishing in this context is only sinful when we deliberately remove Christianity from our intent, and/or when we wish without doing our part, like wishing for a good grade on a test without studying.  It is important to understand this distinction in light of some of these secular influences affecting the Church today.  
  When we “wish” in the context of this book and habitually begin using the Wish Prayer as proposed here, we can be confident that we will experience God’s healing grace.  His grace can also restore us to a state of existence before we experienced wounds, as we wish (hope, desire, and pray) for healing for ourselves and those who have wounded us.  
– Father Eric Albertson 29 September 2019 Feast of the Archangels


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